How to grow Instagram followers organically 2019 – How I 6x in a couple of years

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Visual of Julius he is the one that has been coaching me on Instagram he is a beast on Instagram with over 288 k

In this episode I would like to give you 6 tips to grow organically your Instagram

1. Find a theme for your feed

2. Post regular photo in a 4*5 aspect ratio

3. Find hashtags that are good niche and not too small or not too big

4. Comment other people work with real comments

5. Do lot’s of stories

6. If you want to go pro click on

(I just realized that they have an affiliate program so that is the link I put there, I say in the video that I did not get paid to this and it’s true.

If you do use this link I will get a small commission. I saw that after recording the video. I have been using this for 2 years and it’s awesome but I guess to pay some money every month it is only for persons that are really serious about their growth.


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