How To Grow Instagram Organically (UPDATED)

In this video, I teach you how to grow your Instagram organically. Our goal is to gain 10,000 followers, because every brand and business loves 10k. These methods are all free, the only investment is your time. In the past months, there has been a lot of changes with the Instagram algorithm. These changes do make it harder to grow on Instagram, but those that are willing to put in the work and effort will see the dividends in what is a saturated space.

If we were to start a new account today with zero followers and zero traffic from other sources, this is how we would grow to 10,000 followers from scratch.

Stay until the end, because that’s where I give the best way to grow organically. However, note that all the strategies in between are just as useful. Those that are persistent will win.

1. Content Foundation | 02:07

To begin we need to have a strong foundation of content. Make sure that content is targeted towards your niche and gives value to your audience. This means your content is entertaining, educational, or both. Create the content that your audience wants, not always what you want. Once we have this base, now it is about finding ways to drive traffic to your Instagram. This will then drive traffic to your website or blog.

2. Follow + Unfollow (Updated) | 03:53

The first method to drive traffic is the follow and unfollow method. This has existed for years, but now if you want to implement this strategy, you have to be tactful with your style. There became a point when it became too spammy, especially with bots, that instagram had to put a stop to that and shadow banned accounts that were doing it automatically. To go around this system check, make sure you do it manually and stick to the rules that I go through. If you pace yourself, this is still a great method to grow.

3. Audience Search | 05:00

The second strategy is to look at competitor pages in your niche and interact with their audience. Start relationships with their audience. For example, send them a direct message, comment and like their content! Grab their attention!

4. Hashtag Engagement | 05:46

Interact with those that use specific hashtags. In the hashtag search bar, look for a hashtag that is directly related to your space. For example search for the commercial real estate hashtag on Instagram. Interact with the pages that are posting content similar to your niche. This way you build up your initial audience. Like and comment on pages in your niche, give value and interact with the creator of the content.

5. Story Profile Visits | 08:22

Add location tags in your stories to drive additional traffic. By using Instagram Stories consistently for your business, you can drive thousands of extra profile visits monthly.

6. S4S | 08:52

Story for story with pages in your niche and around the same size as you. Simply trade shoutouts with other pages. That flow of traffic will be positive for both pages if it makes sense!

When growing to 10k followers on Instagram, use a combination of these strategies every single day. By being consistent, you will get there. If you have any questions, please comment them in the comment section below.



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